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Sedgwick and Co Acquired by Consortium

Sedgwick and Co are delighted to announce they have been acquired by fellow investors Abbey England, renowned provider of saddlery and associated goods to the equestrian market, Kilger, a German tannery which has supplied Sedgwick with leather for 20 years, and Crawford Leather Company, a UK and Irish hide and skin processing company with long tradition of delivering bespoke, high quality, heavy leathers into the vegetable tanning trade make up the consortium. On the 4th October 2018, the three companies together invested £1.5m to save the business from going into administration following the collapse of its parent company Clayton Leather Group. As a result, our investors have protected 60 per cent of the company’s jobs and look to take on more employment as the company grows.

Sedgwick and Co was established in 1900 to serve the equestrian trade with the best British bridle leather. It’s wonderful to see that a century later we are still serving not just the equestrian trade but other industries with highest quality leather. The company is thrilled about the future prospect of Sedgwick & Co and we will continue to deliver premium hand finished leather for its customers both domestically and internationally.


Sedgwick Investors Purchase New Machine to Improve Production.

Last week Sedgwick & Co saw the arrival of a CM RAL/P240 combined Samming and Setting Machine, manufactured in Italy, supplied by Beamhouse Engineering. This much needed investment is crucial for the production of our hides as it is responsible for removing surplus water, remove growth and increase yield. With the old machine on its […]


Why Provenance, Process and Quality Speaks Internationally.

Why Provenance, Process and Quality Speaks Internationally. Over the years, Sedgwick leather has built up a reputation for producing the best heavy leather in the equestrian industry. Our reputation has allowed us to forge relationships with saddle, bridle and harness manufactures across continents including Europe, Asia, Australia and North America and demand for the leather […]

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